Anthea Gillian Tripp, the Author

Anthea Gillian Tripp was born in Scotland, schooled in East Africa and Oxford, England. She has traveled extensively worldwide with her military husband, USAF-retired. They reside in Austin TX, where they run an internet-based health and wellness business from their home office. As a Mom and Grandma, she places a high priority on family. She is a woman of strong faith who believes that people are blessed to be a blessing. She is purpose-driven, adventurous, fun-loving yet serious about impacting the lives of those she touches. Anthea is a lover of life, God and country.

She began to write at the age of 14 years but it wasn’t until 2010 that she created Anthea’s Anthology, a blog she runs, where she pours out her heart in words! Her entries are prompted by lessons learned in life, or topics that move her and have the potential to help others, so her posts may be happy, funny, serious, or sad, but always raw and real. She hopes to touch and inspire readers with her unflinching writing. She published her first book in August 2019, My Soul Sings for You – Spiritual Peace in the Life and Times of Now, a collection of true stories about finding inner peace and unconditional love.

She is an avid reader who enjoys inspirational true stories that celebrate the power of human spirit. She’s an ardent advocate for healthy living, a regular at the local gym, and a student of “the life and times of now” — the world of today. Exploring this world brings her great pleasure but she derives as much joy over a cup of tea with her husband, hanging out with family members, or simply immersing herself in the silence of solitude during a walk in the woods. Time away at Whispering Oaks Ridge, their Hill Country ranch, is one of Anthea’s favorite haunts. Here, she seeks to restore her soul and grow closer to her Lord and Savior.

My Soul Sings for You. Spiritual Peace in the Life and Times of Now.

Anthea gracefully weaves inspirational messages and impactful life lessons into true short stories. Authentic and unflinching in her passionate writing style, she awakens the soul with timely topics about life’s defining moments. She runs Anthea’s Anthology, a blog where she pours out her heart in words. Anthea is a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother, and she is an ardent advocate for healthy living. She and her husband, Chuck, cofounded Get Super Healthy.

Do you dream of a simpler life? Are constant demands and nonstop busyness stealing your joy? Welcome to the life and times of now. Sometimes, amid the clatter of life, we sense a whisper from the depths of our being, imploring us to stop—to seek peace and restoration. We may acknowledge the fervent pleas, yet we’re unable to devote time and attention to our souls. As we juggle the demands and priorities of life, we disregard the spiritual essence of who we are, and whose we are. We neglect our souls. Unrequited, they thirst on.

My Soul Sings for You characterizes the world today. Valuable lessons about family and life in all its glory are gift wrapped in true short stories to awaken your soul and restore your spiritual peace. Refreshingly raw and real, these writings will evoke strong emotions that touch your heart. As you resonate with the storylines, you’ll laugh at the humor in situations, shed tears of sorrow at life’s losses, and rejoice in the triumphs. With your faith renewed, you’ll marvel at unexpected miracles. Your hope will soar to new heights. You’ll experience the beauty of unconditional love and joy.

There is no distinct beginning or ending to this book. Pick it up whenever you have a small block of time to read a topic that speaks to your heart. Be still for a moment or two. It’s time for your soul to sing again.

For the backstory of this book, Anthea suggests you read this blogpost about the birth of a book.

Kindle Version: $3.99 on Amazon
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Planes, Trains, and War Games. A Fleet Air Arm Pilot’s WWII Memoirs

If you enjoy stories of bygone eras that are historically accurate and feature real characters with adventurous spirits, you will love Planes, Trains, and War Games, a collection of WWII memoirs written by Anthea’s father, the late J.A. Shipperlee. His various accounts of true events while serving as a pilot in the Fleet Air Arm are compelling and interesting reading.

You will discover why the Greatest Generation earned its name as you marvel at the courage and determination of those who served their country at young ages, shouldering unimaginable responsibilities. They mourned for their dead comrades and the state of the world, yet still enjoyed an off-duty party, a fun prank with friends now and then. You’ll catch a glimpse into how they lived and loved and fought fiercely but played hard whenever circumstances permitted.

The chapters written by Anthea add a fresh perspective to Tony’s accounts by providing insightful glimpses into her father’s experiences to reveal his nature, what motivated him, and how his love of trains as a youngster helped him during the war. She masterfully connects the dots between his chapters and hers, intertwining endearing snippets of personal information throughout the book, in the form of images, a love letter, historical memorabilia, and photographs of his paintings. She relates relevant, amusing tales about her father, unveiling the romantic, playful, humorous, and sometimes dare-devilish side of his character.

For the backstory of how this book came into being, Anthea suggests you read her blog post, A Dream Within a Dream.

Kindle Version: $5.65 on Amazon
Paperback: $10.99 (limited-time offer)

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