A Closer Look at the Author

A deeper dive into my thoughts.

While I love people and am considered outgoing, friendly and sociable, I value time alone—time to be still and just be. In the silence of solitude is where I process deep thoughts and reflect inwardly on a wide variety of circumstances and situations that I encounter or observe in life.

As a result, a great deal of thought and expression is woven into the pages of My Souls Sings for You, and in the nine chapters in the book numerous topics are covered—ones most prevalent in the minds of so many people in the life and times of now. Some may see the book as the way I view life, or my philosophy on living.

My friends understand how passionate I am about health and wellness, and to them I offer assurance that I will never stop advocating for healthy living, nor will I ever stop championing our parent company. So much of my personal growth has been a direct result of building our business, alongside my husband for 38 years. So many of my dearest friends have come from business and client associations. And if I am honest, there would be no book without our long-established business, so I am eternally grateful for the opportunity given and the sustained success achieved over the years. What I do is a passion and is central to my life’s purpose. It was yesterday, is today and will be tomorrow. My business has also provided the time and resources for me to write My Soul Sings for You.  

If you study the components of optimum health and wellness, you will know there are many elements to good health and longevity. One critical piece of the health puzzle is learning inner peace. The soul yearns for it and needs it.  However, inner happiness, to be content in all circumstances, is not easy to achieve. In our crazy world of today, people often sacrifice their spiritual health as they strive to have more, do more or be more. Alas, some people even exchange inner peace in an all-out attempt to acquire something admirable, like physical health, by striving too hard and overdoing it. If some’s good more’s better? Not always.

I see a great need for people to live a more balanced life, and a simpler life—one that embraces inner peace and happiness. But how does one achieve it? I believe that the stories in my book will guide my readers down a path of self-discovery, ultimately leading them to seek out, and secure a greater sense of spiritual peace.  

Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification
—Romans 14:19

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