A Note of Appreciation

Oh my goodness me! I have crashed through a barrier – hurtled into a new decade! Farewell sixties and H-E-L-L-O seventies! Hopefully I’m not lying in a clumsy heap {figuratively speaking} but more that I have arrived in the new decade with grace and a little bit of class! I feel like it is the latter, so let’s hope that’s really the truth and if so, long may it continue. Enjoying my 70th birthday is GOOD news.  After all what’s the alternative?  Nevertheless, I admit that hitting the BIG 70 could have been traumatic at worst and disconcerting at least! But it wasn’t – it was AMAZING! All good!

I am thankful that I feel so positive, so healthy and so full of hope for a wonderful future. Life is good! God is amazing – He’s given me another birthday. Yippeee! More time to pursue His purpose for me and a rain check on correcting my shortcomings!  

It was a fantastic birthday filled with many happy surprises and I have been royally pampered, spoiled and showered with love from so many of my family and friends. My heart is bursting with gratitude to all of you who congratulated me, wished me happy birthday, sent me gifts, called to talk, sang songs over the phone and sent beautiful prayers my way. And thanks to those who surprised me {I love surprises} and traveled far to celebrate with me. Many blessings back at you all.

To all my FaceBook friends, you have humbled me with your outpouring of love and well wishes in all your comments. Just when I am frustrated and disillusioned with FB, social media, the internet and technology, something happens – like my birthday – and in an instant I change my mind and realize what a great tool it is to convey joy! Thanks to each and every one of you who took valuable time to express your love and well wishes. I SO appreciate your friendship and the beautiful ways in which each of you delivered it to me.  Thanks a million! So very thankful for you and filled with joy!

Blessings to one and all! Hope to post a few pictures once we sort through the moments captured 🙂





  1. So Happy you were remembered in such wonderful ways Anthea.. and you do have grace and class.. no worries there my dear cousin.. Love you >>Ingrid xxxx

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