A Welcome Stillness

Tranquility. The welcome stillness where peace reigns. A reawakening of the soul and a powerful sense of belonging. Does your heart yearn for those precious moments?

I lean on the deck bannister watching deer graze beneath the oak trees. Even the whispering oaks are silent. I am struck by the serenity of it all. Golden rays of evening sunlight beam swaths of brightness across the meadow, transforming the cool wintry tones into warm autumnal hues. The scene is transcendent, like something from a painting. For a fleeting moment time stands still. It is magical.

My thoughts stray to God in moments like these. His whispered assurances drown out the world’s noisy chatter. I savor these moments. Unquenched hope and the promise of eternity spring to life and flood my being. All is well with my soul.

I wish you quiet moments of tranquility today.

Seek out a tree and let it teach you stillness. —Eckhart Tolle