Do Big Hairy Monsters Really Exist?

Big Monster

There are monsters inhabiting the world today, skulking in the background shadows, patiently waiting to lure the unsuspecting into their seductive grasp. Oh, you haven’t seen any? Well, that’s not unusual – these devious creatures are cleverly camouflaged to blend into their surroundings. In reality, they’re quite obscure, undetectable with the naked eye, so it’s not like you can photograph them or describe what they look like exactly. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Have you encountered any?

They’re out there alright! Do you believe that? Big H.A.I.R.Y ones hiding under the bed in the dark, consorting with the skeletons in the closet {haha! That’s for another blog} For now I’m talking about monsters that creep up on you, ones with giant tentacles that slither ever so slowly towards their prey, beckoning the next susceptible victim into their hypnotic trap. They’ve mastered this skill so perfectly that willing and naïve participants can fall under their spell before they realize what’s happened to them! They’ll eat you one bite at a time. Do you believe that? Can you fall prey to something you can’t see? You sure can! Been there done that!

You’re living your daily routine, “tripping lightly through life” in my case, quietly oblivious to what’s going on in the background, when all of a sudden, bam! You get nailed and wonder what hit you!

That was me last Monday! B.A.M! It nailed me and sent me into a hissy fit {you’ve never seen me in a full-blown hissy-fit? Hmmmmm! Ask Chuck or our kids!} It’s not that it happened suddenly of course. It crept up on me insidiously. The THING. The CREATURE! The treacherous monster. IT! {Yes the big “IT” and what IT stands for}. UGH! I had grown complacent, let down my guard and turned a blind eye to the dangers of the monster and its accompanying omens. Not me, not Anthea, I’ll never be taken unaware by an invisible monster! Oh really?

The monster’s lack of visible physical form makes it easy to fall under its spell, all part of its allure of course. And I was too busy “doing stuff” to pay attention to the signs and symptoms of its presence. Innocently doo-dee-doo-dee-doooooing along in life! All the while I was being stalked by an all-consuming beast!

Honestly I’d “felt” its presence. I’d been warned about its nature and I sensed it gaining on me, even though I didn’t see it, didn’t define it, and didn’t admit it. {It’s called DENIAL!} I experienced its magnetic pull, beckoning me, reeling me in, ever closer to its dominance. Finally, its massive, far-reaching tentacles slowly engulfed me in a stranglehold, and consumed by its power, I felt the life breath being sucked out of me. God help me – what is happening to me? Please let me wake up from this hyperactive, overstimulated  nightmare.

Monday it captured me, but before it took me down {strong survival instinct} in a moment of horrified realization, I mustered all my strength and fought it, refusing to surrender. Gasping for breath and struggling to escape its hold, I had what I call a hissy-fit for a good 30 minutes. My man, my strong rock of a hero husband calmly listened to my rant, comforted me and supported my decision to do what I knew I had to do to…..regain control over the monster and seize back my life!

I disconnected. Killed the monster. Rendered it powerless.

What monster, you ask? The monster of social media and endless technology. The giant creature I had eagerly invited into my life piece by piece over time, thinking that using this or that, or doing this or that through technology, would somehow expand my business, simplify things and enrich my life. Seriously? I KNEW better but did it anyway!  YES ME – I was a willing participant.

No wait, I probably was the stalker of the monster!!! I attracted IT.

IT was I {me, myself and I – the three of us} who CREATED this monster. I {and I alone} am responsible and accountable for my predicament  so therefore it is I who must relinquish and extinguish the beast. Exactly what beast, you ask?

Well let’s just say I had 6 active websites, 2 of which I built from scratch myself and maintain, 2 others I kept updated, plus 2 more I probably didn’t really use, but kept going for fear of missing out on something! UGH! I’m not done! Then there’s my personal FB profile, 3 business FB pages, a Twitter account, a Linked-in account, a You-Tube channel, a Vimeo account and a webinar room to manage. Notifications arriving right and left, with chimes and dings via email and an indescribable selection of noises and music going off on all my devices. Not to mention the distraction and annoyance of meaningless emails flying into my computer, text messages on my iPhone and my iPad, every few seconds of the day, until I thought I would scream and run for the hills! Talk about ADHD!

This was insanity for this calm woman! Monday, I broke my own camel’s back by adding one more website to beta test, related to expanding my business. The last straw. WTF! I fled from my desk and computer and broke into the hissy-fit.  My friend Don always says “when you have a hissy-fit baby girl, go into the corner, stamp your feet and say dirty words”. I did all of that and then hurled myself at my man to calm me down in the sanctuary of those strong arms.  Does wonders!!

We devised a plan and I took ACTION and completely disconnected for a while to reel myself in. I feel SO empowered right now! Last Monday, I made a very tough decision.  It took some courage and will power. Can’t express how hard it was, but my determination to escape from the monster’s grip made it easier.

I announced on my personal FB page that I was reigning in my activity on social media to passionately pursue my business and personal goals that are aligned with my purpose. That kind of committed me. Thank you dear Lord, for answering my prayers, showing me the way and providing the strength to do what I needed to do. I adore my family and close friends for supporting me through this.

I see clearly again. I can breathe once more. I deleted the superfluous sites. I neutered the angry attack dogs of redundant sites and accounts that hounded me! De-cluttered the knot of technology! I organized FB into lists of friends, devised a plan to keep a small social media presence by scheduling posts once or twice a week rather than being on tap. I’m not finished yet, but I’m close and I’m encouraged. I’ve already enjoyed the fruits of my decisions to extinguish the technology monster. I’m excited!

I have cleared big spaces of time, so I can connect via phone and in person to enrich and build personal relationships, which is where I know my strength lies. I derive my energy from those personal connections, and I think and hope, I provide positive energy that way to others.

Cheers to the future! Still living and learning new lessons every day. Happy I cast off the monstrous burden. I’m sure there will be other battles to fight – such is life – but for now life is good. I have time to write again. Time to BE again!

Free again! Tripping lightly though life!

“Everything is permissible for me, but not everything is beneficial. Everything is permissible for me but I will not be mastered by anything”  ~  1 Corinthians 6:12

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  1. I love reading your blogposts, Mom. And I love how you and Dad love and support one other in all you experience in this crazy life.

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