It’s Not Happiness if the Joy Doesn’t Last

I just realized something! I’ve gone beyond the proverbial “turning into my mother” and may have morphed directly into my grandmother. How cool is that?

Since I adored both my grandmothers, I’m totally fine with that idea. I learned so much about courage and loyalty and the important things in life from my Grandmas. Despite the eye-rolling and sighing at them as a teenager who thought she knew better, and apart from often dismissing their words of wisdom as corny or redundant, much of what they said permeated my being and over the years their words have echoed in my head at times when I most needed internal wisdom, courage and strength. Thank God for that.

Today the world is all about immediate gratification, having it all, having it now and paying for it later (and pay we will!) My Grandmas did not believe in instant gratification and certainly never practiced it. Their belief systems applauded the idea that if something was worth having, it was worth waiting for, saving for or doing without.

Proverbs were the rule of the day from the Grandmas … I heard many different ones GrandmaSlackand often. They are imprinted in my soul … and I’m so grateful they were recited to me and that I learned the essence of their meanings. Simple little sayings with deep wisdom and value, laced with a good dose of common sense, wrapped up in a catchy little phrase. Proverbs like:

• A stitch in time saves nine

• A penny saved is a penny earned

• All good things come to he who waits

• A fool and his money are soon parted

• A soft answer turneth away wrath

• Don’t teach your Grandma to suck eggs

nannieAnt Instant gratification to me is all about feeling happy in the moment, but that quick rush often doesn’t last and as it tarnishes, and as remorse sets in, we are robbed of the very joy we seek. I’ve experienced both and I know which I prefer.

To sacrifice a little today to have something better tomorrow has produced more joy in my life.

One of the greatest joys was saving money for four years and paying cash for a car! Anticipating the purchase and feeling a sense of accomplishment as the savings accrued, was surpassed only by the exhilaration of a cash deal and owning the car from day one … with no payment. That sure beat driving it off the lot and being obligated to monthly payments in the foreseeable future.

When we decided to switch careers and start an in-home business, we knew that there was only so much time in the day … we knew we couldn’t give up our existing jobs, so we had to carve out additional time for a while, in order to make our business a success. We knew it would take time and effort. We knew we’d have to sacrifice some things in the beginning to produce something of greater value in the future. We were willing to do that.

To quote my Grandmas – anything worth having is worth waiting for and working for. Sometimes one has to forego the instant gratification today to secure an amazing tomorrow.

Sacrificing some pleasures today isn’t easy.  The lasting joy makes it SO worth it!

“That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!” Wow – if that isn’t the truth! Grandmas – you are my heroines – thanks for all the proverbs that have enriched my life and guided me!

Now it’s your turn ….. what proverbial sayings have influenced you in significant ways?

One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.”
Psalm 145:4 

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