Just Show Up

Just Show Up! Three simple words that are powerfully freeing. Take them to heart. Remember them for the times they’re needed.

Life today can be overwhelming. We’re bombarded with information from all our devices. We overload and overcommit ourselves as we’re pulled and shoved in different directions simultaneously. Some of the burden is thrust upon us, much of it we’ve invited! We have “musts” and “want-to’s” all competing for our precious time, money and attention. It can be stressful.

When you hit the wall, you might feel like giving in or giving up. Paralysis takes over so you do nothing. I hope you don’t fall into that trap.

Instead, decide on something! Take the first step—just show up.

💚 Can’t drink the whole shake? Drink half
💚 Can’t walk for 30 minutes? Walk 10 minutes
💚 Can’t clean the whole house? Clean one room
💚 Can’t complete everything on your to-do list? Complete one thing

You get the gist. It’s okay to not be superhuman all the time, or even at any time simply because it’s expected, or asked of you. Be discerning in the way you commit your time and energy. Both are precious, and finite. Whatever it is you choose from your to-do list—just show up in some small way. Feel good about that!

The world demands we’re busy “doing” all the time. I could provide example after crazy example of unrealistic expectations imposed on us—by ourselves, others and our culture. What we should do, how we should look, and who we should be, are constantly thrown in our faces on social media platforms. Browsing the posts is like ADHD on steroids. It can fry your brain, and crush your soul. 😳

Resolve to take time to breathe. Be still. It’s your life to live your way. Be patient. Pace yourself. Be kind to yourself. Walk with God. And remember, there are times when just showing up is enough. 🤩

I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing —John 15;5 (NIV)