My Feet, My Faith. His Will, His Grace!

I just love new beginnings, don’t you? The dawning of each day! Mondays … the first day of the month … the New Year … it’s like we’re given a fresh start over and over again, throughout the year! Oh joy! I definitely want, need and value these chances to begin anew … do you?

It’s January 2 and I’m deep in thought about the year ahead in 2018. How will I make my life count this year? In what way will I maximize the hours in each day to make every day count in a meaningful way? What plans do I have for our business this year? What steps will I take to bring it all to fruition?

So many questions spinning around my head. The answers?  Not coming so easily.

Well actually let me qualify that. Quick answers are coming to mind … the impetuous, snap decision kind, but they’re not what I’m seeking right now, so I’m not listening! I’m taking my time this year … to more prayerfully and thoughtfully determine this year’s plan because the voice of my intuition is drowning out the usual responses that lead into the annual blueprint.  Intuition is saying “Anthea, this year you must think differently, act differently and be different!”

Thanks a lot intuition! Seriously is that all you’re going to give me to go on? I already knew that! I get that and apply it at the start of every year! What did you say? Okay intuition … I will submit to you.  I do sense a difference this year. I feel a sense of urgency and a more intense urging for me to listen and defer to you.

Is that you Holy Spirit? I feel your counsel coming. Yes, the question is in what way must I be different? Let’s explore that a little.  

Do you ever feel like you simply muddled through the previous year? That your best laid plans were thwarted at almost every turn and you found yourself navigating corners you never saw coming, or dodging arrows that appeared from nowhere? All causing minor or major upsets to your plans, sending you careering in a distracted direction … off track.  

Lol! That’s just life isn’t it? We can plan all we want but the longer we live the more we realize that we cannot control life. It just happens. It’s how we respond that matters.

What we can control is how we respond to the twists and turns of life that seemingly are intent to distract us from our impassioned goals and carefully planned activities. We can stay the course. We can remain focused. We can be constant in our purpose … we can keep on keeping on. Yes constancy, that’s it! That’s the key difference for me this year. I must stay constant in my life’s purpose … wherever the path leads me.

One of my favorite scriptures is “Be still and know that I am God”! I do for sure seek God’s will, and I trust God, but I am not always still.  In fact I can be very active!  It’s a struggle for me at times to wait and be still and be quiet. I give Him control and then I seize it back. I let go and let God … and then I take over!  I give and take back. Being an independent woman, along with the humanness in me, results in my attempt to make things happen the way I think they should go. Ugh! I am humbled often!! 

But yet I am always grateful for the humility, because in the end His way is so much better for me than what I could have done on my own. {Ugh … will I never learn?}

Constancy is my word this year. Constancy to God, constancy to my life’s purpose and constancy to my business. Will my plans be sabotaged this year?  Maybe!  Probably! Why, of course they will!  It’s inevitable. Life happens, throws curves at us and drives us off track. But this year, my constancy will not be derailed. I will remain consistent and steadfast. And I will listen more intently to His still small voice … which means I must invest more time to be still. I will step out in faith and I will remain constant in His will and His grace … and according to His bidding I will joyfully adjust course. 

My feet, my faith. His will, His grace. My motto for this year.

Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life. Psalm 143:8

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  1. Constancy, this hard for me to do, so i have now have to learn how i can slow down and and wait for the words from GOD to help me be patient. i feel this very powerfully today as i have had to wait forr a long time to make the move. It is his way to show me in his time to move on when GOD lets me go where i am to be .It was very hard for me to do this .yet it was the best way to be trusting in faith in him. Now i am beginning to see just what trust really means. I am at peace with my self now .T hank you my sweet sister for your words of encouragement and to my brother Chuck whi has never give up on me,GOD BLESS YOU BOTH, i love you more than the world will ever know ,iI AM very secure now knowing this year is going to be good.

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