Do you find it easy to start and finish those things that you enjoy doing? I do … and I’ll bet it’s the same for you. There’s no problem doing what we like to do because the desire to do it already exists, doesn’t it?

I love to translate my thoughts and emotions into words that I transcribe on paper, so for me writing is a fun, easy activity … and I never tire of it. I enjoy the process of creating an idea, using words to paint a picture, tell a story, or share an emotion.  I write for many reasons, but mostly for the sheer joy of it.

What is your one thing?

On the flip side, how are you with things that you don’t like to do? Are you like me and given half a chance, you’d procrastinate, avoid or fob the chore off on someone else?

There are a few things that I really dislike doing. One of them is accounting and taxes. Don’t get me wrong, I DO it because I have to. I must compute the numbers … lots of numbers in the business … and turn them over to our tax preparer.

I’m acceptable and accurate at it, but faced with a stack of papers and hordes of boring numbers is neither exciting nor desirable!  

In order to get the job done I must play with my mind.

That’s what I did this morning! Spent some time fooling my mind by creating a false sense of urgency, so the desire to complete the job will motivate me to take the action before the urgency is for real. Am I making sense?

Here’s the bottom line. I don’t like to feel stressed and hurried when accuracy is critical. Our tax appointment isn’t until the end of February so I’ve plenty of time. But what if I procrastinate?  The likelihood of facing REAL urgency {like starting the day before} will surely place undue stress on me. Stress and pressure I don’t want, don’t need and choose not to have!

So here I go … today I start the prepping of numbers.  Pretending that it’s urgent, has created strong desire to get it done, but all the while I am fully aware that I have time and patience to do it right … so the stress that would accompany a real urgent situation isn’t there.

Am I making sense or do you think I’m crazy? Do you ever create a sense of false urgency to instill the desire to do something?

Lol! Here’s what I believe. The mind is a powerful tool. A God-given resource, the most amazing computer with a power we don’t fully comprehend.

I tapped into its power this morning to energize me into an activity I don’t particularly want to do! What a blessing a mind is!

The energy of the mind is the essence of life.  Aristotle

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