What Will Your Take Away Be?

How are you using this stay-at-home time to think about your future?

Will you make changes going forward? What will they be?

I’ve been knocked to my knees or had the stuffing knocked out of me many times, humbling me and causing me to rethink my priorities, my lifestyle and where I was headed. I’ve had to change direction. These are valuable tipping points. It’s happening again! And this will not be the last time, for undoubtedly there will be more times. It is ever so in this life. Are you feeling it too?

How you respond to this time matters. Are you learning some things? Are you realigning? Getting stronger? Clearer about the way you want your life to be at the end of this difficult time in the world?

This I know from past experience. Each time I was knocked down I came out stronger, and a better person. My faith in God increased. I grew more convicted about who I am, whose I am, what I’m called to do and the direction God wants me to go.

It can happen for you too. This can be your tipping point where good things will emerge. Take this time to savor the stillness. To search your soul and get clear on your priorities for the rest of your life.

What is most important and meaningful in your life?