A New Beginning

March the 11th 1981! A NEW beginning!

The day that changed the course of our life forever! 36 years ago today Chuck and I burnt all our bridges behind us when we aligned ourselves with Shaklee.  Today marks a huge milestone for me. I’ve been in love with everything this company stands for, for half of my life and that’s very meaningful to me. I’m so proud of the alliance … and the allegiance we share.

Chuck and I aren’t whimsical people who make snap decisions. We think long and hard and we always research diligently before we commit to any decision, let alone a lifelong association. We knew we would be lifers from the start because we based our decision on the credibility, integrity and commitment the company has to improving the lives of everyone it touches. The culture and the philosophy of Shaklee stole our hearts and touched us to the depth of our souls … forever and a day.

Have we enjoyed rewards? Yes! Too many to count! But the message I want to convey today is that in any business one encounters highs, lows, elation and at times even frustration … it’s all part of building, growing and sustaining a successful business … ANY business. No matter what season we’ve faced in our journey, our love for this company, and those we serve faithfully in our business, has never wavered.  Love and respect has always prevailed. 

This I can say confidently. We’ve never regretted our decision all those years ago and we’ve never had reason or desire to look elsewhere to place our loyalty. We’re in it for life.

When you stand for something of significance, you hold your ground … like the little nut that grows into a mighty oak. That’s the dream we envisioned 36 years ago and it’s worth celebrating our experience and gratitude and with all of you.

I thank God every day for the opportunity I’ve had as a woman, a mother and an entrepreneur to not only challenge myself, but to grow personally, to pursue my calling with passion and purpose alongside the love of my life {Chuck} and in partnership with the most amazing esteemed company, we know as Shaklee.


  1. This just made my day. I’ve always admired you and looked to you as another successful business woman. I love that you said “hold your ground.” You are a shining star! I love you lady and thank you for the inspiration today!

    1. Thank you Christine! Happy it spoke to you! You are a successful entrepreneur in your own right! Keep on keeping on. Love you girl! OOXX

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