Where Do Dreams Go to Die?

Call me a hopeful romantic, a dreamer, an eternal optimist or a confirmed positive thinker and you’d be right on all counts! I make no apologies for being this way … I might add I’m proud of it! It’s who I am.  

Was I born that way? Maybe. Did I learn such a mindset from my optimistic mother? Did I get it from seeing my father’s dogged determination and perseverance? Perhaps. Have I become that way over many years of intentionally and habitually choosing my thoughts, solidifying my beliefs and working on my attitude? Probably!

Personally I think it’s a little bit of all of the above. At any rate, I am who I am and however I’ve arrived at this point in my life’s journey, I accept the way I am … and I’m grateful for the personal growth along the way.  

As a dreamer infused with hope for the future, it’s easy to seek the illusive good in all circumstances, even if it requires digging deep to reveal a tiny glimmer of light that might otherwise be concealed in shadow, or enshrouded by darkness.  With that thought in mind, I have a question.

Where do dreams go to die? 

I believe that dreams … as in our hopes and aspirations … reside in each of us. As a child or young adult we know how to activate our imagination to create a vision or picture in our mind of what we aspire to be, or to have, or to do. The more vivid our imagination, the more alive and real it appears, and when accompanied by a strong desire to attain the object of that dream, we’re magnetized towards it. We can almost reach out and touch it. Desire burns and all the forces within ignite us into action, propelling us to pursue that dream.

Ah! Such are the dreams of bygone youth! 

But alas, for many of us, as the years go by, and the trials and tribulations of life dominate our thoughts and daily activities, we set aside our dreams. We might even hide them away … somewhere safe but out of sight.

And then our imagination falters, the once-so-vivid dream fades to nothingness, desire and passion wane to indifference and is ultimately replaced with justification.  It wasn’t meant to be … it was a childish idea … it was too hard to achieve anyway … it was too this or too that … the reasons are endless. And so another dream is lost. The beautiful living dream passes away … its breath snuffed out … its vibrant light extinguished by the very dreamer who created it. One more dead dream.

So where do dreams go to die?

What do you think? Do they evaporate into thin air? Do they burn themselves out in the imagination that conceived them, settling there like fine ashes to clog the mind of the dreamer? Do they float off into oblivion or do they transition to a hereafter for dead dreams? Are they suspended somewhere in limbo? Do they drown in a pool of their own tears? Is there life after death for dreams or is death permanent?  

So where do dreams go to die?

This is what I think. When dreams die they merely move from one place to another. They leave the imagination and transition into the heart of the dreamer, where they remain forever. They simply await new life. The dreamer of the dream has only to ignite his imagination, breathe life giving desire, love, hope and belief into the dead dream … and it will spring to life once more.

I believe every dreamer has the power to resurrect their dreams. Is your heart holding a precious dream that’s died?  Are you ready to resurrect it?

Your dream awaits. It’s all up to you.

“A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities”  ~ J.R.R. Tolkien


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