Be the Voice of Calm

Stay calm and carry on was an encouraging announcement on a poster from back in 1939. It was created by the British government to raise public morale when mass air attacks on its cities were widely predicted during World War II. 

Staying calm was good advice then, and it’s just as relevant today. In times of trouble and turmoil, we need to keep our wits about us. All of them. We must think reasonably, rationally and creatively when the storms of life hit. We humans don’t behave at our best when we’re panicked. 

Whether we’re threatened by wars, worldwide pandemics or anything else with the potential to disrupt and threaten our lives, let us remember that mass panic and hysteria never served any useful purpose because it doesn’t influence external factors beyond our control. However mass panic can spread fear, increase heightened emotions, impair judgement, prompt panic-buying, raise prices and impact the economy, as in sharp downturns in stock markets.

I’m referring to the Covid-19 virus and the resulting responses from news stations, radio talk show hosts, social media posts and the general public. The amount of price-gouging, fear mongering and finger-pointing is rampant. The blame-game is in full play but does that really serve any helpful purpose?

I’m seeing opportunist companies and individuals pitching their products and services with self-profit in mind, using fear-mongering ads and announcements while their normal pricing structure doubled or tripled.  

Hey people, stay calm. Panic helps nothing. 

Should we be concerned about the potential threat of Covid-19? Of course! We’d be foolish not to have concern about the unknown consequences but let’s not toss integrity to the curb for the sake of greed. And let’s not lose civility to others by placing blame where there is no proof. And, let’s not spread to mass fear. 

Instead, let us use our energy wisely in preparation to protect ourselves and our families in the best way we know how. There are specific precautions within our control. I’m not here to issue a complete list of those recommendations because the CDC, and others, have widely circulated actions you can take, so you can do your own research. 

At this moment int time, we have no idea as to the impact of Covid-19 on the world at large, or on us as individuals. It’s all in the future. We don’t know if you will get the virus, or if I will get it, or how serious it might be for any of us.  It’s unknown if our travel plans will all be disrupted or if we’ll find ourselves in an unexpected quarantine. It’s all an unknown entity, and the unknown and unexpected can cause anxiety.  

With that said, let’s all decide ahead of time to build our immune systems, to wash our hands frequently, and disinfect our homes with reliable products known to kill bacteria and viruses. Then, get plenty of sleep and take other precautions within our control. 

When we have done all we can and said our prayers, the rest is out of our control.  Remember, when any storm of life erupts, there are heightened emotions, waves of panic and disagreeable voices around you. 

Make sure you are the voice of reason.

Stay calm and carry on. And always pray. Every day.



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