Moments of Reflection

One of the best things about waking up too early is the absolute peace and tranquility that engulfs me in the magnificence of daybreak. It’s still dark outside which I find surprisingly comforting. I wrap my hands around my morning cup of tea and snuggle into the comfy couch. The heating will soon take the chill off the room, but for now I’m grateful for the soothing warmth from my mug of hot tea. A welcome silence surrounds me. The talking box sleeps on, no ringing phones to intrude, it’s time to be still – just me and my thoughts – before the daily routine kicks in and the serenity is transformed by the routine sounds of the day. No noise to distract me from the moment. I am alone to examine my soul – just me and God. I’m granted a few moments of quiet reflection. Continue reading →

Avoid Regret! Break the Comfort Barrier

never stop reaching for dream

What people regret most is not the things they did, but rather what they didn’t do. I hope that YOU will do everything possible to avoid living a life of regret. Instead, I hope you’re living life full out – pursuing your dream. Living and loving life!

Living your dream includes having a purpose, a direction in life and the willingness to take a risk. It’s following through on your ideas {no matter how lofty or outlandish} taking action, stretching yourself, breaking through barriers, asking “what if”, imagining possibilities and dreaming big!  

Experience in life has taught me that to live a life of fulfillment my mindset must be one of “if it is to be, it’s up to me”.  This little saying is something that resonates with me on a personal level. I do not want to leave this earth with regrets {things I wish I had done and didn’t} so it’s a huge motivator in my life … and a powerful influence in directing the actions I take on a daily basis.  Continue reading →

LOL – Lots of Little – Leads to Abundance Over Time

LOL is “laugh out loud” or “lots of laughs” in common internet slang … you all know this … but I like to use it in a different way – perhaps a way that suggests a more profound meaning:

LOL – Lots of Little!

What a concept in this world where “more is better”, “bigger is better” and “I must have it all and have it NOW”! We are so caught up in pursuing abundance in anything and everything that we’re missing out on the true essence of abundance.

If we don’t make enough money, we’re consumed with having MORE … if time is scarce we fight to create more time and we’re brainwashed to think that the only way to achieve our dreams is to make a lot, do a lot, have a lot and be a lot … and do it now. Continue reading →

100% to Zero in Nothing Flat

Sometimes it pays to listen to your gut. Your body really does have a built-in sensor that communicates valuable messages to your instincts … LISTEN and HEED! I am exceedingly healthy and rarely get sick … if I do … I’m over it FAST. I am in tune with my body.

So two weeks ago I was on top of the world … 100% healthy and going flat out … next thing I knew I had crashed and burned! My instinct and experience tells me it all started with a seasonal allergy that turned into a sinus infection. Having experienced one or two episodes in the past – I know a sinus infection when it arrives. No big deal, right? You go to the doctor – they give you a Z Pack and voila – infection gone. This is where it gets interesting and the downward spiral began for me! Continue reading →

It’s Not Happiness if the Joy Doesn’t Last

I just realized something! I’ve gone beyond the proverbial “turning into my mother” and may have morphed directly into my grandmother. How cool is that?

Since I adored both my grandmothers, I’m totally fine with that idea. I learned so much about courage and loyalty and the important things in life from my Grandmas. Despite the eye-rolling and sighing at them as a teenager who thought she knew better, and apart from often dismissing their words of wisdom as corny or redundant, much of what they said permeated my being and over the years their words have echoed in my head at times when I most needed internal wisdom, courage and strength. Thank God for that. Continue reading →

Would I be unlike myself, had I been a hi-tech junkie growing up?

Aside from growing wiser and mellowing out some, there are many good things about growing old. Like the flood of memories that provide us with flashbacks of yesteryear – glimpses of bygone times when life was less complicated, less automated and less impersonal. No email … no text-to-text back then … but a lot more face-to-face interaction. Communicating in the flesh – imagine that! Continue reading →