LOL – Lots of Little – Leads to Abundance Over Time

LOL is “laugh out loud” or “lots of laughs” in common internet slang … you all know this … but I like to use it in a different way – perhaps a way that suggests a more profound meaning:

LOL – Lots of Little!

What a concept in this world where “more is better”, “bigger is better” and “I must have it all and have it NOW”! We are so caught up in pursuing abundance in anything and everything that we’re missing out on the true essence of abundance.

If we don’t make enough money, we’re consumed with having MORE … if time is scarce we fight to create more time and we’re brainwashed to think that the only way to achieve our dreams is to make a lot, do a lot, have a lot and be a lot … and do it now.

In the world of “more” quantity is king.

When our thoughts are wrapped exclusively around quantity, we are consumed with having and doing and being enough. I have news! With this philosophy, there will never be enough and no matter how much we have or do, we will always be left yearning for more, yet never achieving enough!

Sooner rather than later, we burn out from chasing this ever illusive measure of success and we miss out on quality along the way … eventually we have no more energy to continue this evasive pursuit and so we throw in the towel, give up on our dreams and cheat ourselves out of the very thing we most covet. This is not the way to attain real and lasting abundance!

Abundance is not exclusively about quantity. It encompasses quality and depends on consistency over time. Doing a lot and then burning out and giving up won’t get us to lasting abundance. Doing a little consistently is sustainable and over time continues to produce results steadily and reliably. This not only adds up to continued success, but actually is synergistic … producing a multiplication effect … much like gaining compound interest in a savings account.

In our industry, the person who does lots of little meetings consistently over time will outperform and outlast the one who focuses solely on lots of people at sporadic meetings.

As with most things, quality trumps quantity. Measured and paced consistency over time, wins out over the shooting stars that quickly burn out and disappear forever into oblivion.

It is ever thus in all of life’s pursuits.

Real lasting abundance is worth the patience, persistence and consistency of small, sustainable steps.

LOL – Lots of Little – over time.

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