When Exactly Did Good Manners Abscond with Common Courtesy?

Do you remember when Good Manners was alive and popular and no matter where you went, he showed up and always managed to brighten someone’s day with a kind word, a good deed or a special gesture? He was a real gentleman – at work and at play.

Did you notice that wherever Good Manners went, you could always find Common Courtesy? A real lady who was always quick to say ‘please and thank you” and ‘excuse me’ – and raised her kids the same way! The two were inseparable. They made quite a couple – an item – and they were good together. Wherever they showed up, they were the main attraction – people enjoyed their company, respected them and strove to emulate them.

In the company of this congenial pair, people were polite, more considerate of others and a pleasure to be around. GM and CC were so popular, that one would never dream of hosting a business meeting, a family gathering or a party for friends without inviting them, because in their absence it was all too easy for Rudeness and Inconsideration to crash the party and spoil everyone’s fun.
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Imagine the Power of Possibility

imagineHave you ever felt beaten down by life? Are you enslaved by circumstances that keep you trapped in a hole? Are you desperate to claw your way out, but don’t know how, and even if you do, you’re not sure you have the physical and emotional strength to do what it takes?

I’ve been there – more than once. I understand.  Sisters and brothers – this is for you – the video is directed at women, but is just as applicable to men, so I encourage you to watch. Be inspired – then read on: Continue reading →

Spandex! You Are Stretching My Patience!

My friend Dorothy and I had a girl’s day out now and then when we lived in Apple Valley – a shop-‘til-you-drop kind of day. I’m talking ALL day! We’d drive 90 minutes to a huge Mall, be there when it opened and leave when the doors hit us in the rear as they closed, then we’d do dinner and get home in time for bed. The guys thought we were nuts! They were probably right – but those were some FUN times! It wasn’t that we always spent lots of money, or came home with more than we could carry; it was just the delight of the shopping experience itself. Finding a great bargain and cute clothes that fit can be a real stress buster and quite rewarding – an enjoyable experience, one you want to repeat. Continue reading →

The Whole World Stinks! No Wait..it’s Limburger Cheese

There’s a story about a grandpa and grandma who visited their grandchildren. It goes like this: 

Each afternoon Grandpa would lie down for a nap. One day, as a practical joke, the kids decided to put Limburger cheese in his moustache. Quite soon he awoke sniffing. “Why, this room stinks,” he exclaimed, as he got up and went out into the kitchen. He wasn’t there long until he decided that the kitchen smelled too, so he walked outdoors for a breath of fresh air. Much to Grandpa’s surprise, the open air brought no relief, and he proclaimed “The whole world stinks!”  Mmmmm – no! It was just his upper lip!  Continue reading →

From Whence You Came – Thither You Go!

I’ve always ascribed to the belief that who you are today, at least in part, is a result of how and where you grew up, who influenced you most and what you made of yourself in the space between. I am most intrigued by the “why” part – to glance back at the early years and correlate the way someone is and how their past helped form who they are today. The connection is usually unmistakable, if you dig deep enough, and I find it quite fascinating and enlightening – as it lends understanding to who we are as people. Continue reading →

When Future Honors the Past – with “The Present”

Have you ever been lukewarm about something and then to your surprise found that it blessed you beyond measure and surpassed all expectations?

If you’ve ever experienced reluctance in going somewhere and then ended up having the best time ever, you know what I mean. Nowadays, I give wisdom and experience permission to overcome reluctance, because I know if I don’t I will never discover what I might have missed! (What? I know – such crazy logic huh?) Continue reading →

Help! There’s an Elephant on My Plate

Elephants are some of my favorite animals. When I was little I marveled at them in the zoo, was fascinated by their acrobatic antics when the circus came to town, and at times rode on their backs – squealing in delight as I hung on for dear life. But never have I revered them more than when I experienced them up close and personal in East Africa in the late fifties.

It was a time when all the magnificent wild animals of Africa roamed free and untamed in their own habitats. They were plentiful and they were majestic and to a spell-bound teenager in a small 4-door sedan, with only a camera to shoot pictures of their magnificence, they were gigantic, powerful, awe-inspiring, sometimes terrifying and they always commanded the right of way. I’m so grateful to have experienced them in the wild, up close and in such great numbers – sometimes too close for comfort, but that’s a story for another time. Continue reading →

A Grand Dog’s Tail

Never in our wildest dreams did we anticipate our daughter would leave California and move to Austin TX. She not only relocated permanently, but later forged the path for others to follow!

What does this have to do with a dog’s tail? Everything! Our parting gift to her was the puppy of her choice – a perfect specimen of man’s {in this case, girl’s} best friend to serve as her constant companion and protector. She chose the chunkiest, spunkiest, joy-filled, tail-wagging dog of the breeder’s litter and she named him Duke – later to be affectionately known as the Duke of Austin. Continue reading →

Our Garage is so “Decking” Organized – At Last

So we’ve lived in Austin for five years now and at last we’re getting the “garage” space organized and the “stuff” put away in appropriate and permanent places. Okay, so we know all you neatnik friends are laughing, and yes we’ve seen your pristine garages with everything in its place and a place for everything! You are so flipping organized. Go ahead laugh at us – but none of you have a garage that is decking organized, now do you?

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The Quality of Mercy is not Strained ……..

I recently encountered an interesting discussion between a father and daughter that grabbed my attention and riveted me to the conversation. In a way, I found it a fascinating study in human behavior, yet simultaneously I was flooded with a sense of melancholy.

The father was evidently a man with a kind heart toward animals – with a greater regard for some than others – and it seemed his depth of compassion varied in intensity according to whichever species happened to be the underdog at the time, his sympathies always favoring the most defenseless creature. Let me expound. Continue reading →