Do Roses Grow in Heaven Dad?

Happy Father’s Day Dad. It’s been 5 months since you left to be with Mum and I rejoice that you’re together for eternity.  I’ve been thinking of you all week and find my mind wandering … and wondering … upward to heaven.

The weeks have flown by and 8:00 a.m. each day has come and gone and the phone sits there … silently. I miss your familiar ring and our daily chats and even though I know full well you’re not here to call me, the habitual phone call of so many years has left an imprint of expectancy … that we’d be talking, so I thought I’d dial you up in heaven and share some thoughts.

I’m so grateful for those last six days we had together before we had to say goodbye. I’ll never forget our little chats … and meaningful glances that spoke loudly of understanding. No words necessary. I’ll always remember the gratitude you expressed for the life you led and how you reminded and assured me of all the good times we’d shared, and then just hours before you passed I mirrored some of those good times back to you. I still bask in the sunshine of the smile that lit up your face momentarily.

Oh Dad, do you now know how God so favored your life? He surely blesses mine.

I’m wondering. Do roses grow in heaven Dad? Do you still love them or have you discovered a more beautiful heavenly flower?  More vivid, more fragrant and more alive? My fanciful mind races with these unanswered questions, yet my heart believes that heaven, by all accounts and promises, is indescribably beautiful, so why wouldn’t roses bloom there … with every other flower known and unknown to us here on earth?

As I write this I have only to turn my head slightly to catch a glimpse of red roses arranged in one of your skillfully-crafted pottery vases, adorning Nannie’s writing bureau. In the past, a bouquet of real flowers would catch my eye in the store, but too often in the busyness of life, I walked on by, or I talked myself out of buying them. No more! While my garden doesn’t produce an abundance of fresh flowers and dozens of roses, as yours did, I shall buy them regularly and keep the vase replenished with the beauty of fresh flowers … including roses.

I’m doing really well Dad … I thought you’d like to know.

Everyone in the family is healthy, busy and happy, and we are so grateful for many blessings. I trust you know how greatly you and Mum are loved and missed by us all. I had intended to create a commemorative video of your life for Father’s Day, but alas, it would not have done you justice {nor lived up to my standard} for lack of time prevailed and I decided to pace myself and place no deadline on its completion. In spare moments, I’m scanning old family photos into files for preservation, some of which I’ll include in the forthcoming video.

I want you to know that the New House sale has completed and although it was sad to let it go, you’ll be relieved to know that a lovely couple are moving in to make a happy life there. Guess what? Like you and Mum, they returned to England after living in Australia. What a coincidence!  Dad you’re smiling now because you know what I’m thinking!  Yes, it’s too coincidental … more likely it’s by design, part of God’s greater plan. Incidentally, the lady remarked on the abundance of rose bushes in the garden … and I shared the reason why there are so many.  So you see, your stories live on!

Everything we packed up and shipped here arrived in good condition. It is like Christmas as we unpack the old familiar paintings, pottery and other meaningful and sentimental family treasures you left for us. We’re so grateful for the memories each item brings and thankful you used your God-given talents and creativity to the fullest.

All is well Dad.  Each day is full and rewarding. My thirst to live life with passion has never been stronger. My faith in God grows daily. I place my hope and strength in Him. When the inevitable arrows of this world hit hard, He is my rock. I’m as happy as I’ve ever been. Gratitude fills my heart and my soul sings … my cup overflows with joy.

Do roses grow in heaven Dad?

If they do, will you gather a bouquet today?  Consider them a gift from me to you … I wish you Happy Father’s Day … and I thank my Heavenly Father that you’re my Dad!  

Sending love to you and Mum from all the family!

As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him; Psalm 103:13

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